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2017 Tasting Programme - Our 38th Year

25th January 2017 Simon's Annual Surprise - A Tutuored Tasting Simon Plumtree
22nd February 2017 Wines of the Loire Tim North of Joie de Vin
22nd March 2017 Wines of New Zealand Quentin Sadler
26th April 2017 Wines of The Côtés Châlonnaise Andy Finclaire
24th May 2017 Wines from South Africa Torquil Jack from Carte du Vin
28th June 2017 Corney & Barrow - Own Label Wines Jamie Morris
26th July 2017 Wines from the "Old New World" Richard Brown
23rd August 2017 Bordeaux Wines with Averys Andrew Gadd
27th September 2017 Wines from South Africa Chris Horridge
25th October 2017 Fairtrade Wines David Flanders
22nd November 2017 A.G.M. & Four Tables The Committee will present
December 2017 No Meeting - Happy Christmas See you next year

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