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2010 Tasting Programme - Our 31st Year

27th January 2010 The Big 4 Supermarket Wines Simon Plumtree
24th February 2010 Wineshare (Duras, Beaujolais, Provence, Tuscany, England) Jo Nowak
24th March 2010 Half Vertical, Half Blind tasting Derek Avery
28th April 2010 Wines of South Africa Mark Ellis (Majestic Wine)
26th May 2010 Wines of Burgundy Quentin Sadler
23rd June 2010 Favourites from Alsace Andy Finklaire
28th July 2010 4 Tables evening Presented by the members
25th August 2010 Wines of the world Mick Gleed
22nd September 2010 Top Red Wines Graham Mitchel
27th October 2010 Partly Blind Tasting Derek Avery & Simon Plumtree
24th November 2010 A G M & Wines of Portugal David Thomas
22nd December 2010 No meeting - Merry Christmas See you next year