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2015 Tasting Programme - Our 36th Year

28th January 2015 Simon's Annual Surprise Simon Plumtree
25th February 2015 New Zealand isn't always about Sauvignon Blanc Nigel Gibbes
25th March 2015 8 Grapes, 8 Wines, 8 Countries - A Blind Tasting David Flanders
22nd April 2015 Both Sides of the Andes Chris Horridge
27th May 2015 English Wines Roger Marchbank
24th June 2015 Australia - East to West Derek Avery
22nd July 2015 New Italy Eddie Lewis
26th August 2015 Exquisite Wine Collection (from Aldi) Derek Avery
23rd September 2015 Along the Loire Paul Carter - Majestic Wines
28th October 2015 Wines from My Cellar Julia Shaw
25th November 2015 A.G.M. & Four Tables Society Members
December 2015 No Meeting - Happy Christmas See you next year

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