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2011 Tasting Programme - Our 32nd Year

26th January 2011 Simon's Annual Wine Tasting - Selection from Adnams Simon Plumtree
23rd February 2011 Wines of the U.S.A. James Hocking, Vineyard Cellars
23rd March 2011 Wines from the Ardeche Hix and Buck
27th April 2011 Wines from Small Indpendent French Producers Carte du Vin
25th May 2011 Wines from Georgia Georgian Wine Society
22nd June 2011 Wines from South America Chris Horridge
27th July 2011 4 Tables evening Presented by the members
24th August 2011 England vs Germany Roger Marchbank
28th September 2011 Some of My Current Favourites Mick Gleed
26th October 2011 Blind Tasting Julia Shaw and Ann Walton
23th November 2011 A.G.M. & Western Australia Derek Avery
28th December 2011 No Meeting - Happy Christmas See you next year