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2009 Tasting



22nd October 2008 Australian Wines - presented by Graham Mitchell
26th November 2008 AGM with a Blind Tasting - presented by Derek Avery & Simon Plumtree
24th December 2008 No Meeting - Merry Xmas to All
28th January 2009 New Year Surprise by Simon Plumtree
25th February 2009 Wines of the Rhone Valley - Stone,Wine & Sun
25th March 2009 Wines from Chile & Argentina - Chris Horridge
22nd April 2009 4 Tables evening (presented by the committee)
27th May 2009 English Wines - Roger Marchbank
24th June 2009 Wines of Italy - Ben Robson (Bat & Bottle)
22nd July 2009 4 Tables evening (presented by the members)
26th August 2009 Tasting Along the Loire Valley (presenteded by Derek Avery)
23rd September 2009 Two Grape Varieties - Laithwaites
29th October 2009 To be announced
25th November 2009 A G M - To be announced
23rd December 2009 No meeting - Merry Christmas, see you next year